Barn Move Thanks

Shawbury Village Players have a new home!

What a brilliant week end we’ve had – and we did it – we squeezed a quart into a pint pot! In other words, we managed to move our belongings from Becks Barn to our new home at Shawbury Village Hall.

Thank you so much to the large team of group members who worked tirelessly for two solid days to effect the move. It was a joy to see so many of us pulling together, and as a result, what seemed like a mammoth task was completed with a great deal of fun and team spirit in record time.

We now have a few aching muscles between us but a great sense of achievement for a job well done. So thank you all of you very very much.

Angela Bray, Chair.

Storage Barn Move 🏗️

We previously sent an advance notice for moving all the Shawbury Village Players costumes, flats and props. We can confirm that we’ll be tackling this move this weekend, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd April. We’d like everyone who can to meet us at the barn at 9:30am and the Shawbury Village hall at 10:30am.

If you need directions to the barn, please contact Richard Bray on 01939 250612 or email on

You may not be aware but there are thousands of items to be moved, so all help would be grateful, even for only a couple of hours.