An Ode to Alice in Wonderland

This Poem about The Alice in Wonderland performers was featured in the Newsletter and it was so good it should be shared with the whole world.

An Ode to Alice in Wonderland

Annaliese was an amazing Alice,
who got invited to the royal palace;
Ben was a whimsical White Rabbit,
Who ran around in tartan habit;
Sophie played a jolly good Joker,
Whose one liners caused a groan-er two;
Richard made a devastating Dame,
Out to find riches and fame;
Chris was the evil nasty Knave,
With plans for the lands to enslave.

Jodie and Meg were terrific Tweedles,
With duelling light sabres, of danger heedless.

Sally a quintessential Queen,
Who to the King was awfully mean;
Gordon the henpecked cuckold King,
Who calmly took it on the chin;
Angie strutted and shouted as the Sarge,
To bring some order to the cards;
Mariella and Tessa were useless at fine arts,
The soon-to-be-headless Ace and Deuce of Hearts.

Jo the swashbuckling perfect Prince,
Who haggis hunting made us wince;
Katie the pretty singing Princess,
Whose solo did us most impress;
Chris was cool as the Cheshire cat,
Wha gobbledegook zit ert bart;
Elaine encapsulated the caterpillar,
Whose fashion sense made us titter.

Roger was a marvellous Mad Hatter,
Who made us laugh with his chatter;
Peter played a remarkable Mad March Hare,
Whose headgear made us stop and stare (in the
Natasha dazzled with her Dormouse,
Who had a teapot for her own house;
Tony was a whiz as the Wiz and
Gave his magic lots of fizz.

Not last, nor least….
Our child performers were little stars,
They gave their all and worked so hard;
Catrina, Jordan, Callum, and Georgia,
Ella Mae, Cain, Natasha and Tessa;
As Wonderlanders, Soldiers, Hippies,
Miners and Goblins you were the bestest!

by Elaine Longmoore and Joanna Wright