The Big 50!

Some people don’t look forward to the big 50, but we are happy to announce we have 50 ‘likes’ on our Facebook page! 50 friends who like to keep in touch, but I am sure there are more of you out there, so pass the message on and see if we can reach 100!

Here are some interesting facts about the number 50:

• Symbolize the “total” man.

• Represent the Universe being expressed by the individual lives, according to R. Allendy: “it is a favourable number marking a grace, a kindness, a regeneration”.

• According to Eckartshausen, it is the number of “the spiritual ascension to the intuition, the number of the illumination”.

• Considered as “the holiest and the most natural of numbers, because it equals to the sum of the squares numbers 9+16+25 constructed on the sacred triangle of Pythagoras (3, 4 and 5) and also to the product of 5 x 10 of the pentad and the decade, numbers of the generating Life and the World-Harmony, the Microcosm and the Macrocosm”.

• The number 50 corresponds to the Hebraic letter “nun”, form reminding a cup pouring its content. It is also associated to the fourteenth Arcane of the Tarot: the solar Angel, interpreted in general as the sign of the change, the mutations and the metamorphoses.

• Number of the joy and the feast, according to the Bible

Do you think we resemble any of these points? Not so sure about the mutation part.


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