Audition / Reading – Murder Mystery – Death under the Stars

Audtions/ Reading – Murder Mystery 💀 – “Death Under The Stars”

Once again we will be performing a murder mystery in October/ November. It is about the local astrology club who are having their Annual Social Event and invite Madame Rosa, a local mystic and fortune teller. As revelations and confessions are revealed the only definite prediction you can rely on is a night full of mayhem, intrigue and murder!

The confirmed dates are Shawbury – 3rd October, Hadley Park – 9th October, Astley – 24th October and more dates to be confirmed. If can not make all the dates we have been known to share parts between multiple cast memebers.

Auditions will take place on Wednesday 29th July at 7.30pm at 11 River Gardens, Shawbury. Anyone is welcome to audition for the play or to find out more information please contact Mariella on 01939 290702 or email [email protected]

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