Barn Storage Transfer Advance Notice

Dear All,

I’m writing to update you and ask for your help regarding our proposed move from the barn to Shawbury Village Hall. On Tuesday 4th April the builders started work in the library. It is thought that the work may be complete in two weeks – if not totally finished at least enough to allow us to move into the new space!

I would ask that if at all possible you pencil in two dates when we might carry out the move.

  • Saturday and Sunday 22nd / 23rd April and / or
  • Saturday and Sunday 29th / 30th April

I am sure you are all aware that there are thousands of items to be moved and we will need every group member to help!

Please make a note of the dates and I will confirm the days and times when the move is to be undertaken.

Many thanks

Angela ChairShawbury Village Players

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