A Snow White and Red Riding Hood Adventure – Auditions – Casting Call

We are pleased to announce our Christmas/winter 2018 production which will be a newly written play based around the characters and stories of Snow White and Red Riding Hood. This is an adventure play suitable for all ages which will have action, comedy, suspense, and twists.

Below you’ll find information on the play, finishing with a form for those who are interested in the auditions. The auditions are open to existing members, past members and newcomers alike. And even if you don’t wish to act, but simply would like to get involved in the production in another capacity then please do come along too.

The performances will be taking place at Shawbury Village Hall on Thursday 4th, Friday 5th and Saturday 6th January 2018. All shows will be starting by 7:30 (final time TBC), with a matinee show on Saturday afternoon.

Auditions are happening on two dates, Thursday 31st August 2017 from 7pm and Sunday 3rd September from 2pm. We’ll be auditioning adults and children at both, so please feel free to come to whichever is easier, or even to both.

The play requires a cast of 5 females, 4 males, with a further minimum of 7 who can be any gender. We are looking for a mix of ages, adults and children. A brief synopsis of the characters can be found below.

As a final request for those that wish to act, please could you fill out the sign up form at the bottom of the page after the character listing. It’ll really help us to gauge interest, and more importantly will allow us to provide people with advance snippets of the script so that you can learn a few lines. After all, no actor wants to do a cold reading, far better to be able to practice beforehand.

Snow White – Female

A good natured young woman who is well regarded as almost a diplomat. She has great intelligence, taking after her late mother. Daughter to King Leopold White. Aged late teens to early twenties. She wishes to stay away from her step mother, frequently seen in the town helping people, trying to find out how long her father has to stay away. Best friends with Red Riding Hood.

Red “Riding” Hood – Female

Daughter to Ivy Hood. She grew up with a very masculine dominated father with whom she rarely saw but immersed herself in the stories of his great adventures. Aged late teens to early twenties. She’s frequently in the forest, often visiting her grandmother to learn what she can. Wears a red cloak from her mother, gaining her the nickname “Red Riding Hood”. Best friends with Snow White.

Morigana – “The Wicked Queen” – Female

Step mother to Snow White and King Leopold Whites second wife. A classically beautiful woman. Early to middle aged. She met Leopold whilst he was in mourning and they fell in love. Since Leopold left for war and she was left in charge, has become progressively more vain and cruel.

Drake Darington – “The Prince” – Male

A confident, exuberant individual. Extremely wealthy. Has no real understanding of the worth of money, as he’s never really needed it. He’s grown up immersing himself in books of adventures, reading of heroes, learning and training. Aged around mid-late twenties to early thirties.

Dandilion – Any gender

Hired by Drake to provide a 24/7 record of his travels. Profession is as a writer. This will require an adult to play, but their age can vary.

Spirit of the Magic Mirror – Undetermined gender

Nothing much is known about the spirit in the mirror, in one word mysterious. Requires an adult to play.

Granny Smith – Female

Red Riding Hoods grandmother and mother to Ivy Hood. An older lady, a sage, she lives remotely in the forest, preferring to live peacefully among nature, away from crowd and travelling frequently. Called Granny Smith by everyone, always wiling to impart advice.

Wilhand Wolfe – Male

A dark, mysterious and foreboding individual. Hired by Morigana. Age can vary.

Herman Huntsman – Male

The king’s huntsman, a family vocation, taking over from his father, and fathers father. A younger man who enjoys the simpler life working in the forest.

King Leopold White – Male

Snow Whites father. Middle aged, maybe older. A kind and fair ruler, a mild mannered man. In mourning at losing his first wife, he met Morigana and found the strength to remarry. He has been involved in a war with a neighbouring country, leaving his second wife in charge. He hopes one day to retire and to leave the kingdom in safe hands.

Ivy Hood – Female

Red Riding Hoods mother, and daughter of Granny Smith. Middle aged. She has always wanted to live the life of leisure, turning away from her own mothers teachings and priding herself on her looks. Is reluctantly working since becoming a widow, it is believed to be her husband was lost at sea. She hopes one day that Red Riding Hood will marry someone rich so that she may return to the life she once had.

The Dwarves

A motley collection of mercenaries. We’re looking for a mix of men and women, ages and heights, so children can be involved. Some will have lines and may double up as townsfolk.

Other Townsfolk – “The Chorus”

Last, but by no means least, the townsfolk. Also a mix of people, as much variance in ages, height etc. as possible. Thus both adults and children can audition. Some townsfolk will have lines and may double up as dwarves.

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