Co-op Grant Awarded

Earlier in the year Yvonne Chadwick, one of our regular members in summer productions, worked with our committee and applied for a grant to The Midcounties Co-operative Community Fund for help with renewing staging and technical equipment to enable us to update and enhance our performances. Lights wear out and will need updating as new regulations come into force. In addition the canvas flats and backdrops can only be repainted so many times. Also, we need an amplifier and speakers for our music and sound effects in productions we put on at Acton Reynald (currently we rely on members to fill the gap with their own equipment).

We are really happy, and grateful, to announce that the The Midcounties Co-operative Community Fund has approved a grant of £1750. This will go a long way towards enabling us keep the club up-to-date and put on productions that we can all enjoy.