Summer Production Auditions

Wednesday 10th April

We hope to put on an evening of two one-act plays in Shawbury Village Hall on Friday 2nd August and Saturday 3rd August both starting at 7:30pm.  These will be directed by Chris Page and Ann Page. We will be reading through the plays and auditioning on Wednesday 10 April at 7:30pm in the Old Library Room in Shawbury Village Hall and would welcome anyone who is interested to come along.

The first play is a ghost story entitled ‘The Attic’ centred around a couple clearing out their attic. The wife becomes obsessed with a letter she’s found. Is it a suicide note? A confession? What’s her connection with the woman from the past? There is a great twist at the end that has us examining our assumptions.  It requires 2 men and 3 women.

The second play is a comedy entitled ‘Flatmates’. A man returns to his flat to find a strange woman sitting on his settee. It turns out only he can see her. The fun starts when his friend arrives closely followed by his ex-wife and her lawyer. It requires 2 to 3 men and 3 to 4 women.

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