Audio Play Successes

Last year we took advice and uploaded our audio plays to You Tube. We started our Shawbury Village Players channel and since then the plays have been listened to by thousands of people worldwide. At the time of writing our plays have been listened to by a total of over 36,000 times! Over 90% of the people have commented very favourably to the plays.

Some people are mean and criticise the plays but then again other people quickly respond and criticise them. Nearly everybody appreciates our efforts and we all have to remember that we are an amateur group and what we have created – using only iPhones recording lines in isolation, and a laptop – is pretty good. Some have said that they are better than the BBC but that might be too much praise. 

We hope our efforts have brought some pleasure and entertainment to those of you in our village, and now, a wider audience.  If we haven’t then listen to a BBC audio play.

In the meantime, we are waiting to start live productions again as soon as social distancing advice changes and regulations change. If you want to listen to our plays then click on this link here. These are free to listen to.