The Hollow – More Photos

In two weeks we’ll have our premier performance of Agatha Christies The Hollow. In celebration of so many tickets being sold here are more photos of the cast relaxing between rehearsals.

Don’t forget you can see the other gallery of The Hollow photos that were previously posted. Also remember that if you wish to see more of the cast and the fantastic performances that we’ll be doing you’ll need to buy tickets. These can be bought online via our site, simply select buy tickets from any of our menus. Alternatively for advance tickets you can ring 01939 250070 or buy them from the Shawbury Post Office. There may be tickets available on the day, but always best to buy in advance so as not to be disappointed. Hope to see you there!

The Hollow – Gallery

Less than four weeks to go before our adaptation of The Hollow by Agatha Christie premieres. So our first chance to show off some photos of the cast.

Don’t forget that tickets can be bought online via our site, just select buy tickets from any of our menus. Alternatively you can ring 01939 250070 or buy them from the Shawbury Post Office. Hope to see you there!

Agatha Christie’s ‘The Hollow’

A week end house party at The Hollow, home of Sir Henry Angkatell and his wife Lucy, turns into a nightmare when tragedy strikes. Among the guests are three of the Angkatell cousins, Edward, Midge and Henrietta- Edward is in love with Henrietta and Midge is in love with Edward. Also present are Dr John Cristow and his wife, Gerda. Imagine Cristow’s shock when he finds not only his wife and mistress, Henrietta, under the same roof, but also his ex-mistress, the actress, Veronica Craye. The scene is set for murder. How fortunate that there is a detective on hand to help solve the mystery.

Performance Dates:
Wednesday 28th June 2017 to Saturday 1st July 2017 from 19:00 hrs
Indoors at Acton Reynald Hall, Hadnall, SY4 4DX, off A49

Gardens open 18:00 hrs for picnics.
Licenced bar available & free parking.

  • Wed – £10
  • Thurs, Fri, Sat – £12

Agatha Christies The Hollow Auditions

We are pleased to announce an audition date for our summer production Agatha Christie’s ‘The Hollow‘. This audition will take place on Thursday 9th March 2017 at 7pm at the Shawbury Village Hall. Please note that the final rehearsals and performances will be from Saturday 24th June to 1st July.

The audition is open to all, past or present club members and newcomers alike.

If you are interested please contact me on 01939 250612 or email me on

Richard Bray

Wind In The Willows – More photos

Now only eight days before our adaptation of Wind In The Willows premieres. So lets see more photos! This time we have photos of the rest of the cast without which we wouldn’t have a full production.

In case you were wondering, yes, there’s still tickets available. These can be bought online, just select buy tickets from any of our menus or call us on 01939 250070. We will even have some available for on the day, but these are on a first come basis!