Cruising to Murder

An Audio Drama

Welcome to the  Shawbury Village Players production of Cruising to Murder.  This full length audio play is in three acts and is free for you to listen to below.  Scroll down the page to see the instructions.

In the last year, due to the coronavirus, no productions have been possible and are unlikely until the autmun of 2021.  Social distancing rules even stop us rehearsing together.   However, to maintain our sanity, we have devised and written this full-length audio play, which is free of charge to anyone who wishes to access it, giving something not only for our members, and their friends and family, but also to keep in touch with all those audiences that regularly support us and our local community.

This audio play is the third of our play recordings which we are offering for the local community to listen to free.

Donations Appreciated

Yes, the play is free to listen to. However, we still have bills to pay so if you would like to make a contribution here to go towards our annual rent then please click here to go to our GoFundMe page.  All donations would be very much appreciated.

Instructions – Listen to the Play

Act 1

Click on the triangular play button in the black bar below to listen to Act 1. Duration 23 minutes

Scene 1 – Arriving at the Barbados Cruise Terminal
Scene 2 – The muster drill
Scene 3 – Brian and Sandra’s cabin
Scene 4 – The dining room
Scene 5 – At Club Cuba that evening

Act 2

Click on the triangular play button in the black bar below to listen to Act 2. Duration 23 minutes 36 seconds

Scene 1 – Early morning on day 2
Scene 2 – In the breakfast buffet
Scene 3 – Outside the ship’s theatre
Scene 4 – By the lido pool
Scene 5 – Outside the dining room
Scene 6 – The dining room
Scene 7 – Outside the dining room
Scene 8 – The dining room at the end of the evening meal
Scene 9 – The atrium

Act 3

Click on the triangular play button in the black bar below to listen to Act 3. Duration 21 minutes 12 seconds

Scene 1 – Waiting to leave the ship
Scene 2 – Onboard ship after the excursions
Scenes 3  – The next morning by the lido pool
Scene 4 – The Ship’s Bridge
Scene 5 – The Bar then Brian and Sandra’s Cabin


Jason Davenhill – Captain Martin Clark
Jennie Dunn – Babs Taylor the ship’s Entertainment Manager
Josh Rawlinson Smith –  Duncan Nelson – An entertainment officer
Dick Allen –  Robert Lewis – The ship’s Head of Security
David Page – Simon Montgomery – A ship’s steward
Jo Humphreys –  Mrs Maureen Tipton
Angela Bray – Patricia Littlejohn
Peta Smith –  Helen Archer-Jones
John Smith –  Leonard Archer-Jones
Ann Page – Sandra Morgan
Richard Bray – Brian Morgan
Chris Page –  Michael Andrews
Chris Fraser –  Karen Andres
Elaine Longmore –  Margaret Chalmers

Production Team

Written by –  Ann and Chris Page
Post production –  Chris Page

For the technically minded

This play was recorded by the individual actors at home using voice memos on their phones/tablets. The individual lines were then emailed to Chris Page, mixed together and adjusted using Cyberlink’s Audio Director software. Sound effects and music were supplied courtesy of royalty-free and copyright free resources.  At no time were social distancing rules and government guidelines ignored!

Let us know what you thought

Did you enjoy the play? Should we do another? Get in touch and let us know using the contact form here.