Lockdown Audio Plays

Welcome to our page of audio plays. 

When the Covid19 pandemic began no public productions were possible. Social distancing rules even stopped us rehearsing together, so we could not start preparation for post-lockdown productions until the rules allowed us to get together without any distancing rules.

However, to maintain our sanity, we devised and wrote a number of full-length audio plays. These have helped us by giving us something to do during the pandemic, but also we wanted to give something back to the local community and keep in touch with all those audiences that regularly support us. These plays have all been provided for you to listen to free. There is no charge.

The actors have all recorded their lines, in isolation, in their own homes. These recordings have then been edited and mixed together and then sound effects and music added to create the play that you can listen to.  We hope you like these plays and, when conditions permit, come back and see our live performances again in the future.

All of our plays can be be viewed (listened to) on our You Tube channel .