A Tomb with a View

Date: 1987

Location: Stanton

Director: Jon Rixon

A Tomb with a View is a comedy thriller by Norman Robbins. As the play opens, a wolf howls to the moon. In the Library, Hamilton Penworthy, solicitor, reads the will of the late departed Septimus Tomb.

The eccentric Tombs are seething. They want to know – who is Miss Ash? Why has she been left a fortune? Flora Ash, writer of romantic fiction, soon arrives with her secretary, young Peregrine. And then, mysteriously, the corpses start to pile up.

Who will survive to inherit the millions?


  • Hamilton Penworthy – Roger Humphreys
  • Lucian Tomb – Ron Jones
  • Dora Tomb – Rebecca Ilott
  • Emily Tomb – Oliver Turner
  • Marcus Tomb – David Ilott
  • Anne Franklin – Lynne Rixon
  • Agatha Hammond – Janet Soden
  • Freda Mountjoy – Laurel Wiltshire
  • Peregrine Potter – John Smith
  • Monica Tomb – Sally Grimsley