Farndale Townswomen’s guild Production of ‘Macbeth’

Date: May 2006

Location: Shawbury Village Hall


This comedy introduces the intrepid ladies of the Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society, together with their daring producer David and stage manager Henry. Their original production of the classic tragedy Macbeth should guarantee them a place in the drama finals at Welwyn Garden City, after nine months of painstaking rehearsals.

However, under the carefully mascaraed eye of adjudicator Mr George Peach, events conspire to ensure that everything will not be “all right on the night”. Poor Kate has injured her leg, and she bravely goes on with it in plaster; Lady Macbeth does not turn up so has to be played by mustachioed Henry; and Peach announces that they have only eight and a half minutes left to finish most of the final act.

As usual, these intrepid ladies manage to rise to the occasion.