Great Expectations

Date: July 1999

Location: Moreton Corbet Castle

Director: Richard and Angela Bray

In the ‘dark flat wilderness beyond the Church’, on the marches of the Hoo peninsula in Kent, a little boy, Pip Pirrip, helps an escaped convict, Magwitch, by giving him food and drink. Later Pip, an orphan brought up by his sister, Mrs Joe Gargery and her kindly husband Joe, the blacksmith, is taken to Satis house, a dilapidated mansion nearby. Here he meets the mysterious Miss Havisham and her beautiful word, Estella, with whom he falls desperately in love. A mysterious benefactor arranges for Pip to go to London to seek his fortune and to learn to become a ‘gentleman’, an opportunity Pip welcomes with open arms, beliving such a transformation will make him worthy of Estella.


  • Pip Pirrip – Nick English
  • Estella – Yvette McDaniel
  • Young Pip – Thomas McDaniel
  • Joe Gargery – Roger Humphreys
  • Mrs Joe – Anne Page
  • Magwitch – Dick Allen
  • Uncle Pumblechook – Andrew Jones
  • Mrs Wopsle/Molly – Janet Soden
  • Biddy – Lynne Rixon
  • Young Estella – Jenny English
  • Miss Havisham – Rebecca Ilott
  • Cammilla Pocket – Chris Fraser
  • Raymond Pocket – Richard Bray
  • Sarah Pocket – Marylin Chitty
  • Young Herbet – Jessica Pitts
  • Orlick – Paul O’Hara
  • Mr Jaggers – Ron Jnes
  • Herbet Pocket – Dermot McGrath
  • Clara/Dame – Cathy English
  • Bently Drummle – Gordon Sim
  • Compeyson – Mike Moore
  • Townspersn – Angie Kitt