Jane Eyre

Date: 2nd – 4th January 1997

Location: Moreton Corbet Castle

Director: Richard and Angela Bray

Like her creator, Jane Eyre is a small, plain and independent woman. The premature death of her parents leave her at the tender mercies of her cruel aunt Reed, who, along with her three spoilt children, treats Jane heartlessly , eventually sending her to the hateful institution of Lowood School. At Lowood school, Jane meets her first reel friend, Helen Burns, only to lose her a few months later to consumption. From there , she begins work as a governess at Thornfield Hall, home of the mysterious, but attractive Mr Rochester. Soon Jane is in love. Why, though is the third storey always kept locked and what are the strange noises that frequently shatter the peace of Thornfield? Jane faces many trials and tribulations before gaining her happiness.


  • Narrator – Angela Bray
  • Jane Eyre – Yvette McDaniel
  • Mr Rochester – Jon Rixon
  • Mrs Redd – Janet Soden
  • Mr Brocklehurst – Dick Allen
  • John Reed – Henry Bray
  • Eliza Reed – Jenny McGrath
  • Georgina Reed – Rachael Crooks
  • Young Jane – Hannah Rowe
  • Miss Temple – Cathy English
  • Helen Burns – Claire Howard
  • Mrs Fairfax – Ann Page
  • John¬† – Roger Humphreys
  • Adele¬† – Kirstie Janson
  • LeahMary Rivers – Susie Bowell
  • Sam – Paul O’Hara
  • Grace Poole/Diane Rivers – Chris Fraser
  • Bertha Mason/Lady Ingram – Rebecca Ilott
  • Richard Mason – Dermot McGrath
  • Blanche Ingram – Sally Benbow
  • Louisa Ingram – Holly Robinson
  • Teddy Ingram – Tiernan Hanby
  • Priest – Ron Jones
  • St John Rivers – Nick English
  • Rosamund Oliver – Suzi Rixon
  • Bessie/ Hannah – Janet Soden
  • Rebecca – Rebecca Allen
  • Luke Boddington/Mr Ashton – Gordon Sims