Joseph Andrews

Date: 7th – 10th July 1993

Location: Moreton Corbet Castle


on a warm July evening, there is an entrancement in watching an outdoor productrin set against a background of Castle ruins. Jesph Andrews is a classic comedy, based on the novel by Henry Fielding. In this racy, robust , riotous farce, the ‘hero’ is a young virtuous male trying to keepĀ  his honor unsullied for the lovely maiden he wishes to marry. But poor Joesph must protect himself against a bevy of high- and low-born females. Parson Adams, a simple loveable Don Quixote of a clergyman, gets himself involved with pigs and with rescuing damsels in distress. Lady Booby, a widow of gaiety just past the first blush of youth, but still very much in full bloom, tries her best to stoop to conquer her handsome footman. together with the three pretty maids, an eavesdropping servant, a rasping innkeeper, and a sundry other personages, they tell an exuberant story of love, jealousy, female rivalry, misunderstandings and surprise revelations of unexpected relationships. Set against the background of Moreton Corbet Castle, Shawbury Village Players are offering an evening not to be missed.