Noises Off

Date: 19-21 October 1989

Location: Shrewsbury and the Gateway

Director: Richard Bray and Chris Fraser

Entered into Shropshire Drama Festival 1990

A play within a play. The Actors are performing a sex comedy called Nothing on where old men drop their trousers and doors continually open and shut. The cast are trying to prepare for the opening night but are struggling to remember their entrances, exits, line, cues and props ( doesn’t sound like much different than an average SVP Play) and the play gradually turns into turmoil as the relationships¬† off stage are tested.


  • Lloyd Dallas – Roger Humphreys
  • Garry Lejune – Nick English
  • Frederick Felows – Vince Treverton
  • Selsdon Mowbray – David Ilott
  • Tim Allgood – Pail Harris
  • Betty Ottley – Rebecca Ilott
  • Brooke Ashton – Lynne Rixon
  • Belinda Blair – Angela Bray
  • Poppy Norton Taylor – Gill Treverton