Tess of the D’Urbervilles

Date: July 1988

Location: Moreton Corebet Castle

Director: Richard and Angela Bray

Tess’ father discovers that he is the last descendant of the D’Urberviles, one of the oldest aristocratic families in England and so sends Tess to claim kin and hopefully borrow some money from their wealthy relatives and bring them out of poverty.

Alec D’Urberville tries to seduce Tess but she will not fall into his snare and so he tricks her into taking a ride from him through woods and takes advantage of her. Tess returns home in shame and ‘with child’ and manages to get by with a few jobs and things start to go ok, but the baby falls ill and dies.

Tess decides to go to work at a dairy farm where nobody knows her past where she meets Angel who is learning to become a farmer so he can start a farm in the Americas. They soon fall in Love and become betrothed but Tess feels she must tell him about Alec and her past and hopes he will forgive her.


  • Tess – Carol English
  • Alec D’Urbervilles – Dick Allen
  • Angel Clare – Jerry English
  • Joan Durbeyfield/Mrs Groby – Laurel Wiltshire
  • John Durbeyfield/ Farmer Groby – Roger Humphreys
  • Dairyman Crick / John Blakemore – Jon Rixon
  • Mrs Crick / Mrs Rolliver – Rebecca Ilott
  • Izz Huett  Jane Greenway – Sally Grimsley
  • Marian / Esther – Lynne Rixon
  • Retty / Emma – Emma Rixon
  • Parson Tringham / Fred – Ron Jones
  • Grandpa / Man at the Herons – David Ilott
  • Cuthbert Clare / Policeman / Matthew – Paul Rowlinson
  • Felix Clare – Mak Pettir
  • Jacob / Policeman – Paul Harris
  • Jonathan / Harvester – Pete Hall
  • Mrs Jakes – Janet Soden
  • Mrs Blakemore – Chris Fraser
  • Elizabeth – Breda Allen
  • Car Darch/ Naomi Greenway – Lesley Quick
  • Nancy – Alison Pride
  • Mrs Brooks – Olive Turner
  • Rebecca – Becky Lack
  • Liza Lu Durbeyfield – Emma Bray
  • Abraham Durbeyfield – James Bray
  • Rachel – Mandy Ellis
  • Sally – Tracy Soden
  • Samuel – Mervyn Quick
  • Richard Rolliver – Richard Bray
  • Mary Rolliver –  Angela Bray