The Shomakers Holiday

Date: 1986

Location: Moreton Corbet Castle

Director: Jerry English

Rose and Lacy are in love but their fathers do not approve. Lacy is sent to fight in France but he sends someone in his place in disguise and he pretends to be a dutch shoemaker, Hans, so that he can find his love and marry her.   Another Shoe maker Ralph is sent off to war t the great dismay of his wife. While he is gone a Gentleman fall sin love with his wife and attempts to woo her, but she will not marry him. Only when she is shown a false document of her husbands death does she agree. Meanwhile Ralph returns from war with an amputated leg and unable to find his wife, who he suspects has married another man after he finds her shoe he once made for her.


  • Prologue – Jerry English
  • Fool – Phil Williams
  • Earl Lincoln – Ron Jones
  • Sire Roger Otley – Paul Rowlinson
  • Lovell – Paul Harris
  • Rowland Lacy – Jerry English
  • Askew – David Shannon
  • Simon Eyre – Roger Humphreys
  • Margrey – Rebecca Ilott
  • Hodge – Dick Allen
  • Firk – Richard Bray
  • Ralph Damport – Simon Walker
  • Jane – Sally Grimsley
  • Dodger – Bruce Crowcour
  • Rose – Peta Haighton
  • Sybil – Lynne Dixon
  • Town Boy – Jamie Grundey
  • Hammon – Tony McGregor
  • Warner – Edward Colerick
  • Country Boy – Daniel Rixon
  • Dutch Skipper – Phil Williams
  • Master Scott – Ed Griffiths
  • Hammon’s Servingman – David Shannon