Adult Audition Information – Panto 2019

The Little Mermaid – Auditions

Please download the audition forms and story line below. You should read the story line, and pay particular attention to the goldern rules for auditions. Please also complete the form before you attend the audition.

Audition Forms

Adult Audition Story Line

Shown below are various audition scripts for different characters. Please download the scripts that cover the characters you are interested in, so you have chance to look at the information before you come to the audition.

Prince, King, Queen, Bastion Mariel mime

Octavia, Prince, King Queen, Dusty

Dusty, Cap Arrgh, Dr Love, Pedro

Dusty Captain Arrgh, Prince

Crusty. Corky, Octavia

Bastion audience participation

Bastion and Mariel Triton