Lockdown Quiz Nights

During the pandemic lockdowns we ran live online quiz nights at the end of each month.  For those who could not connect online we have published the quizzes below for you.

Try them out and see how you do. Enjoy!

March 2020 Online Quiz

April 2020 Online Quiz

May 2020 Live Quiz Printout

June 2020 Live Quiz Printout

July 2020 Live Quiz Printout

August 2020 Printout

September 2020 Printout

October 2020 Printout

November 2020 Printout

January 2021 Printout

February 2021 Printout

March 2021 Printout

April 2021 Printout

All Donations Welcome

The quizzes are free to take part in. However, we need to raise funds to help pay the £2000 each year for the village hall room that we rent to store our costumes and equipment. If you want to make a donation please go to our GoFundMe appeal page by clicking here.