March 2020 Quiz Online

We might have cancelled our March quiz in the Village Hall but here is a chance for you to have a go with it at home. You can either do it as a single team or if there are several of you stuck at home try it individually against each other. Now of course I have no idea if you will search Google for the correct answer but that’s not the point in this is it? Have a go without any outside reference and see how you do.  You’ll need a pad of paper to write down the answers. There are no prizes but hey it helps pass the time.  Each round is a separate audio file for you to listen to. Play them in turn and after each round play the answer file for that round to see how you did. If there are several of you playing against each other swap your answer sheets after the last question and then listen to that round’s answer audio file.

Each audio file will have periods of silence between each question just like it would be in the village hall. If you need any questions repeated you will have to play that audio file again, but don’t replay it more than once, because frankly those people who have answered every question will suffer extreme boredom!

Good luck and have fun!

Round 1 Questions
Round 1 Answers
Round 2 Questions
Round 2 Answers
Round 3 Questions

Click here to download the Round 3 Picture Questions

Round 3 Answers
Round 4 Questions
Round 4 Answers
Round 5 Questions
Round 5 Answers
Round 6 Questions
Round 6 Answers