October 2020 Quiz Online

Once again the quiz was great fun in October using Skype to run the quiz. Once again those who took part voted it a successful evening.

For those of you who missed the live quiz here are printouts of the questions and answers for the various rounds for you to try at your leisure. Please note that apart from the music round these are not audio files so if there is a group of you, you’ll have to print enough copies for each, or one of you act as the quizmaster.  The answers are for all rounds so maybe wait until the end before going through them.

Good luck and have fun.

October 2020 Questions

October 2020 Answers

October 2020 Round 3 Pictures (Click on the thumbnail below to show full size)





October 2020 Music Round

Donations Appreciated

Yes, the quiz is free to take part. However, we still have bills to pay so if you would like to make a contribution here to go towards our annual rent then please click here to go to our GoFundMe page.  All donations would be very much appreciated.